Saturday, October 31, 2009

Heavenly Trick-or-Treat

Rory looking lovely in her angel costume!!

Our angelic little Abby

Abby posing for Halloween pictures

The girls looking for Liddy (their great-grandparents' dog)

Twin Angels

The girls playing the piano

Making beautiful music together

Our Future Musicians

Braxton in his Bumblebee costume

Braxton's fighting face... LOL

Gigi with a lap full of reading fun

We had such a fun Halloween this year. The girls dressed up like little angels (which, of course, isn't too much of a stretch) and looked totally adorable!! We went trick-or-treating at the grandparents' and great-grandparents' houses in town. This year was so fun because the girls were actually able to say "trick-or-treat" and really get into the fun of the evening!! When we went to Great-Grandpa and Meemaw's house, the girls got up and played the piano together. It was so adorable!! They really enjoyed playing music and Rory declared "I want pano" (piano) as we were leaving. I think I see music lessons in their future. :) At the end of the evening, we met up with my parents and grandmother. Braxton came over dressed up in his Bumblebee costume from Transformers. His mom painted his face all up like the character and he was ready to fight the evil Decepticons. All-in-all, it was a wonderful evening full of fun!! When we got home, the girls were so tired that they couldn't keep their eyes open. I think they had a good time!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Rory having fun with Grandad Hanna
Rory loved getting to see all bunnies in Bunnyville
Abby checking out the bunnies with Mimi Sue
Rory had to make sure that Abby didn't miss a thing!!
Scarecrow Rory
(she wouldn't stand still long enough to get a really good picture because she was too excited!!)

Scarecrow Abby
Goin' on a hayride!! Abby wasn't really sure about this idea... LOL
The Pumpkin Patch
Abby all bundled up because the wind got a little chilly
Daddy and his girls in front of the corn maze. Look at the face Abby gave me when I told her to smile big. She cracks me up!!
The girls headed into the maze
Rory holding on to her sister's hand and running through the maze. They didn't really wait for adult supervision.
Abby in the corn maze

"I want to go this way" ~Rory

"But, I think we should go this way" ~Abby

(They really did stop and discuss which way to go. They are too smart!!)

Daddy and the girls leading us through the maze
Abby and Mimi Sue picking out pumpkins
Rory leading Daddy and Grandad through the pumpkin patch
Abby showing Grandad around
Daddy and Rory picking out the perfect pumpkin
They found the best pumpkin in the patch!!
Daddy and his girls in front of the hayride tractor

Sweet Abby in the pumpkins
Pumpkin Twins
Rory looooooved jumping in the pumpkin jumper
"Bounce... Fun!!!!" ~Rory

This last Saturday, we took the girls to the pumpkin patch to have a fun-filled morning. Grandad and Mimi Sue (Michael's parents) went with us. We all had such a wonderful time!! The girls got to go on their first hayride. Rory loved taking it all in (while holding on to mom and dad, of course), but Abby wasn't too sure about the whole thing. Both girls loved visiting Bunnyville. There was an area set up like a little village, but it was filled with bunnies. At one point, the handler even took one of the bunnies out and let the girls pet it. Both squealed and laughed!! It was too funny!! The hayride dropped us off at the pumpkin patch and corn maze. Both girls, especially Abby, loved the corn maze!! As soon as we entered the maze, off they went. It took all four adults to keep up with where the two of them were headed. At one point, both girls stopped because Rory wanted to take one path and Abby wanted to take the other. They discussed which way they wanted to go, picked a path and off they went. After we finished the maze, we headed to the pumpkin patch. The girls had so much fun running from pumpkin to pumpkin. After examining most of the pumpkins in the patch, they each picked out their perfect pumpkins. When we had all our treasures, we took another hayride back to the front area. There was a huge pumpkin bouncer. Abby was not a huge fan of the bouncer. She likes her feet on solid ground. Rory, however, looooved bouncing and jumping with Daddy in the bouncer!!! She squealed and screamed "bounce.... fun!!" We had to pull her away from it when we were ready to leave. She does love to jump and bounce!! All in all, we had such a wonderful time at the pumpkin patch!! When we got home, we put our pumpkins on our front porch with our other Halloween decorations. The girls go to the front door every morning to check the "pompins" (pumpkins) and make sure they are alright and still there. We are so glad that Grandad and Mimi Sue got a chance to share this wonderful experince with us!! We love making wonderful memories with our beautiful little girls!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

20 Months

Braxton reading to Rory

Look at our overalls!!
Rory's ready for Fall

What a sweet Abby smile!!
Morning Sister snuggles. This is something we do about every morning!!

Today the girls are 20 months old. It's so hard for me to believe that in four short months our precious twin girls will be 2 years old. Where does the time go? Everyone in the Hanna household is doing well. It's so amazing to watch the girls every day. I know that I say that all the time, but it never ceases to amaze me what they come up with next. Both girls are talking very plain now. Many people don't get to really hear Abby talk all that much because she is still so reserved around other people, but she is a chatterbox at home. LOL. Her and Rory constantly talk all day long. It's too funny!! They also seem to be able to anticipate what the other is thinking or about to say. I guess that goes with being a twin, but it's fun to watch and get to be a part of. Rory has started telling us "stories." She demands attention and then she will go off on a wild rant about puppies, sister, Daddy or whatever else may be on her mind. She will tell her story for about 5-10 minutes and then, when she is done, will just walk out of the room. She cracks us up. They are both starting to really comprehend different roles in the family, as well. Rory and I had this conversation the other day:
Rory: "Mama, Abby sleepy."
Me: "Yes, Rory, Abby is sleepy."
Rory: "Abby go night-night."
Me: "Who's going to put Abby night-night?"
Rory: "Me Abby night-night. I the mama."
They also imitate Daddy going to work by picking up his work bag and lunch box and going to the door. They will come back, give me a kiss and say "bye-bye with Dada." We have also started the tea-party phase. Rory loves to get everyone a cup and pour pretend tea in it from her teapot. She will then put her hand up like she is carrying an tray and give everyone a bite of cake. She then will ask if it is yummy before moving to the next person. She's such a little caretaker. She loves to wrap her puppy up and rock it night-night. She also tries to "mother" Abby all of the time. While Abby will play along for a while, she quickly tires of Rory's constant attention and will go off to do her own thing. Abby loves to play by herself as well as with her sister. She will sit and "read" books to herself or play with her dolls. It's so funny to watch what different little girls they are even though they are twins. Abby has also started being our little tattle-tale. I know that Rory is doing something that she isn't supposed to be doing when Abby comes running to me yelling "Mama, Rora no no." Rory has also figured out that when Abby comes to tell on her, she better stop what she's doing quick because Mommy or Daddy is headed in there fast. Rory has also decided that her name is not "Rory," but, instead, "Rarora." The other day, I said "Is your name Rory?" And she looked at me, put her hand on her hip and said "No mama, I Rarora." I never thought that a 20 month old would be able to decide what she wanted to be called, but she sure has. Even Abby calls her "Rora" or "Rarora" and a lot of times she won't answer when we call her "Rory." LOL. She is definitely opinionated. Both girls love to go outside in the evening and look at the moon. It's amazing to me that they are even interested in it, but they we will go outside and they will find the moon, show it to us, tell it "night-night" and blow it kisses. This all came out of Michael pointing it out to Rory one evening when we were outside. We have so much fun with the girls!!

Michael and I are both doing well. Michael is so busy with school this year. He is constantly running to meetings, bringing things home to grade, conferencing with parents and so many more things. I'm not sure either of us understood what it would mean for him to take on another subject, but, as always, he has risen to the challenge and is doing a magnificent job!! He is still running twice a week (once with a friend, John, and once by himself). I'm proud of him for sticking to it. I really think that he is enjoying it!! I'm pretty much doing the same old, same old. I'm so blessed to spend my days with my beautiful baby girls. I can't imagine having another job that would be as fulfilling as being a mom.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shall We Dance?

When I go to my Jazzercise classes, Michael and the girls have fun staying home together. I never know exactly what I might find when I come home. There may be a wrestling match going on with Daddy being tackled by two giggling little girls. There may be a movie in progress. There may be a tea party. This particular Saturday morning, apparently, Daddy and the girls had been dancing. He told me that there was some music on television and the girls grabbed each others hands and started dancing like the people on television. How cute!! Being the wonderful husband that he is, he grabbed the video camera so that I wouldn't miss a moment. I am so thankful every single day for such talented, happy and wonderful twin girls!! Enjoy!!