Monday, September 13, 2010


In this video, Abby is running and trying to hit the ball hanging from the ceiling with her head. It helps to teach them timing and coordination!!

Here's Rory's attempt at hitting the ball. I thought it was so funny that she has to "ready" herself each time before taking off running. LOL

In this video, Rory, Abby and another girl from their class are chasing a ball that is hanging from the ceiling. This helps with timing, coordination and teamwork. All of the kiddos loved this activity!!

Turn your head sideways.... Now you can see!! In this video, Abby is walking a "balance beam" that is made out of a pvc pipe. The rounded edges of the pipe make them have to correct their balance repeatedly. This will help them learn to correct their balance before they get on the taller beams.

Keep your head turned.... In this video, Rory is tackling the pvc balance beam, as well.

These videos were taken this morning at the girls' gymnastics class. In the first two videos, the girls are running and hitting a ball. This activity helps to teach them timing and rhythm. In the third video, the girls (along with another little girl from their class) are chasing a ball. This activity helps them to learn timing, coordination and team-work. In the last two videos, the girls are walking on a balance beam. It's a little hard to see and you have to turn your head sideways to see the video, but they are walking along a pvc pipe tube. This helps them to learn balance and how to correct if they start to fall. While in their class, they also do work on trampolines, climbing walls, mat work and flips. The girls are enjoying their gymnastics so much!! I really believe that this class is excellent for them!! This morning, they went into their class all by themselves and were not bothered at all that Mommy wasn't in there with them (there is a small room behind the class with a window so that the parents can watch). I think it bothered me more than it did them... LOL. We are so proud of the progress that they have already made in their class and know that they are going to do so well throughout the rest of the year!!