Monday, January 21, 2008

Waiting for Babies

This weekend, my friends and family gave me a wonderful baby shower. Everyone was so sweet and generous. Michael and I are definately blessed with many wonderful people in our lives. Today, Michael and I were working on getting the baby gifts from the shower put away. We started talking about how excited we are that our little girls will be here in a few weeks. Then, we started talking about how fast this pregnancy has gone by. We are now 33 weeks pregnant. Tomorrow, we start week 34. We are officially entering the "safe zone" for our twin girls to be born. Next week, my doctor is taking me off of the medication that stops my contractions. We realized today what that means. Our baby girls could be here VERY soon. Wow!! It seems like that we just found out that we are pregnant. It's been even a shorter time since we found out that we are expecting two precious angels. Now it's almost time for them to be here. God is amazing and has blessed our family so much!!