Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Exciting Visit

Abby in Uncle Ed's truckin' hat
Fun times in the truck!! Braxton, Abby and Rory are looking out the front window at us.
Braxton loves to get in the big truck
Abby checking everything out with Aunt Kay
"The Big Truck"
What an awesome picture of Aunt Kay, Abby, Braxton, Rory and Uncle Ed!! We may have to blow this one up for the wall!!

Rory's got the hat and she's decided that she can drive this rig
Truckin' gal
Uncle Ed holding both of the girls... They are having fun!!
Rory blowing the big horn. She loved this so much!!
Aunt Kay, Abby, Uncle Ed, & Rory are ready for a trip on the truck!!

Rory looking down from the big truck with Aunt Kay
Rory isn't too sure exactly what is going on, but it's cool!!
Abby wasn't a fan of the loud truck that started up next to her. It scared her a little, but she was alright once Uncle Ed got her calmed down and started showing her around!!
Rory looks like she's really thinking about taking off
There she goes!!

Today, we had another exciting visit with Aunt Kay and Uncle Ed!! We are so glad that they are able to stop in Amarillo on their way through. The weather was much better today than it was the last time that we took the girls to see the big truck, so today, they got a chance to actually get in the truck and play around with some of the fun gadgets!! Rory was completely fascinated with everything. Abby had to take a little bit of time to adjust to the newness of it all, but she finally came around and really seemed to enjoy getting to look at everything. Both girls were fascinated by the fact that they were taller than Mommy and Daddy when they were in the truck. They kept looking down at us with a confused look on their faces. So cute!! Rory got a chance to blow the big horn on the truck. She thought that was great!! She was all grins and didn't want to let go. Both girls got a chance to wear Uncle Ed's truckin' hat. They looked too cute!! Braxton also got a chance to go see the "big truck." He hasn't stopped talking about the last time he got to see the truck and today was the best treat that he could have ever imagined!! It was so good to see Aunt Kay and Uncle Ed!! We didn't even have to put up road blocks to get them to stop (love you Uncle Ed)!!

Funny Commercial Link

I saw this commercial on television the other night and thought I would share. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a Fun Day!!

Braxton wanted his picture made with Rachel
We definitely had a house full of fun!! Great times!!
The girls needed to refuel after playing hard all morning
Justin needed some nap time as well. He's so precious!!
Rachel, Braxton and Justin. What a great picture!!
Aunt Pauline with her hansom great-grandson!! I think she's pretty crazy over him!!

"Hey.. Look at me!"
Fun cousin times!!
Abby and Justin had fun playing with the light-up piano together

Don't they both look intent on figuring the piano out? What smart kids we have!!

Braxton loved holding all three babies at once!! A record for him!!
What a cute group of kids!!
"Are we done with pictures yet??"
Cute, cute, cute!!!!

We had such an exciting and fun day today!! This morning, we had some very special visitors arrive at our house. Aunt Pauline, Rachel and Justin came for a visit!! We had a wonderful time!! I can't believe how big Justin is getting and how well he is starting to get around. He's such a cutie! Justin, Abby and Rory had a good time playing together. They are all three about the right size to really have a good time. Braxton also got a chance to come and play for a while. He's a little bigger than the other three, but he was so pleased when he got a chance to hold them all at one time. Of course, mommys and grandmothers weren't too far away!! It was so nice to get a chance to visit with Aunt Pauline and Rachel. Sometimes it's just nice to visit with another mother with a child about the same age as the girls. Rachel is experiencing some of the same things with Justin that I am with the girls because they are so close in age (one month apart). I can't express what a treat it was to see all three of them. Hopefully, we will get a chance to see them again soon!! The girls really enjoyed playing with Justin and I think that they could all three be really good friends if given the opportunity!! We look forward to our next visit real soon!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family Update

Look at Abby sitting by herself so well!! She's headed to her first picnic for Daddy's back to school party!!
Headed to the park for Daddy's back to school picnic for work!! Rory looks so adorable for her first picnic!! She sits so well by herself now!!
Look how pretty Rory looks in her special dress that Mimi Cinda made for her!!
Abby has such a beautiful smile!! She looks perfect in the dress that Mimi Cinda made for her!!
We woke up the other morning to find the girls cuddled together. I don't think that they will ever want to sleep apart. What a special bond they have!!
Sister cuddle time!!
Abby has started making this new face with her bottom lip pushed out. Silly Abby!!
If you look really close, you can see Rory's first tooth (bottom right)

Well, a lot has been going on in the Hanna household. The girls are, of course, growing by leaps and bounds (not to mention more beautiful every day)!! We had a check-up this last week to see how Abby's lungs are doing. The doctor gave her a completely clean bill of health!! We are so excited for her!! She now weighs 14 lbs. 3.2 oz. Rory, who has had no problems gaining weight here lately, now weighs 17 lbs. 1 oz. We are going to continue giving Abby breathing treatments through the winter. Hopefully, she will be able to stop the treatments after she turns one. That is our goal. The girls have been trying out new foods and drinks. They love to drink apple juice. Abby is a big fan of water as well. They have tried sweet corn, macaroni and cheese (the baby food), prunes (not a big fan of the diapers that followed that adventure), peaches, pears, applesauce, bananas and all of the veggies that you can imagine. They are also a big fan of the Gerber puffies. The doctor told us to let them start trying some finger foods. We're going to start that before too long. They both love to try new things. What an exciting time!! Rory now has her second tooth. She has both lower front teeth. They are like little razor blades. We have to try and keep Abby from getting bit all the time when they are playing. Both girls are working on trying to crawl. Abby is so close that we can hardly stand it. She gets up on her hands and knees, but isn't quite sure where to go from there. She also gets up on her hands and digs her feet into the carpet and pushes herself with her toes. Rory is starting to get interested in this crawling business. She's been so busy rolling everywhere that this is really the first time that she has even really considered some other mode of transportation. Overall, both girls are doing fabulous!!
Michael and I are doing well. Michael officially starts back to school tomorrow. He's glad to get back to teaching, but he's not really ready to go back. I think that he has enjoyed the summer home with his girls a little too much to really get too excited about it coming to an end. I know that the girls and I have really enjoyed having him home and will miss him so much!! He has several more administrative tasks this year that have been given to him as a sort of promotion!! He will be mentoring a new teacher in the school. Basically, he will supervise the new teacher's progress and be available if help is needed. He had to attend training and everything for the position. He will also be one of the administrative heads of detention hall this year. Apparently, his superiors know that the kids respond well to him and believe that he has the authority and discipline to handle detention time. He will still teach his regular classes on top of the new tasks. He's going to be a busy man!! This Tuesday, I will begin teaching 2 and 3 year olds at our Mother's Day Out program at church. Our children's minister needed some help and we thought that it would be a good opportunity for me to get a chance to teach and for the girls to get used to being around other children their age on a more regular basis. It will be twice a week for a few hours each time. The best part is that I will be right down the hall from the girls at all times!!! It's a perfect job for me!! I'm really excited about it!! I think that it's going to be awesome!! We purchased our first family car this last week. What an exciting and scary experience!! We bought a 2006 Jeep Liberty!! It's an awesome SUV that perfectly suits our family's travel needs. My Buick that I have been driving forever finally drove its last mile. We tried to survive with only one car, but decided that two cars really suited us better. We also needed something with a little more room for the girls. We are so thankful that we were able to find such a nice car that we could afford. Well, basically, that's all that's new with our family. We're still here and still having a lot of fun!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Truckin' Fun!!

Shandra and Braxton riding in the truck
Braxton driving the truck... I think he's found him a career!!
Braxton is having the time of his life with Uncle Ed in the truck
Uncle Ed, Rory, Braxton, Aunt Kay and Abby
Rory in Uncle Ed's Truckin' hat... too cute!!
Truck model... too adorable!!

Uncle Ed holding both Abby and Rory. I think he's a proud great uncle!!
Uncle Ed with Braxton and Abby.
Aunt Kay and Uncle Ed with Rory, Braxton and Abby

Today was such a fun day for Aurora and Abigail!! We all got a very special treat when Aunt Kay and Uncle Ed (one of the girls' great aunt and uncle) came to Amarillo on their 18 wheeler truck. The girls got a chance to meet Aunt Kay and Uncle Ed for the first time and also to see a big truck for the first time!! What fun!! We also got a chance to celebrate Aunt Kay's 58th birthday with her. We all had a wonderful time and a wonderful visit. Hopefully, we will all get to see Aunt Kay and Uncle Ed again soon!! Maybe the girls will be old enough some day to ride in the big truck like Braxton got a chance to do today. It was such a wonderful surprise to see our family members today!!