Friday, August 14, 2009

Just Some Random Pictures

Rory and Abby trying to get Daddy to wake up

Just sittin' in our toy baskets

Big cheesy smiles from Rory
Rory laying on the second shelf of the changing table waiting for assistance

Rory climbed onto the second shelf and then couldn't get back down
Rory and Abby reading a book by themselves in their room

Sister Hide-N-Seek

Abby helping Daddy put away the play yard

Rory's such a big help

Playing on their new slide

Abby loves to swing
Pump those legs Rory!!!

This was the first time that the girls saw their swing set after Daddy put it together for them!! They love to play on it!!

Isn't Rory getting so tall? She's 33 in. now.
Silly girls posing for the camera!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

18 Months... Not Possible!!

Aurora Lynn Hanna
18 months
Abigail Lee Hanna
18 months

Rory in her pretty red outfit!

Abby in her pretty red outfit!! She was not happy with us, so we got a picture of her famous "pooky" face!!

Our Beautiful Family

We can't believe that our angels are 1 1/2 yrs. Not possible!! Rory now weighs 24.4 lbs. and is 33 in. tall. The doctor said that she is perfectly proportioned and going to probably be a tall girl. She is way ahead of the game on her vocabulary and physical develpment. Abby now weighs 19 lbs. and is 31 in. tall. Her tubes look to be doing great!! She is also ahead of the game on her vocabulary (you can't believe how much she has started saying since she had the tubes put in her ears) and is doing awesome with her physical develpment.
Both girls are doing so much and changing so much every single day that there is no way that I could write about everything. Both girls talk so much and so plain that some people can't believe that they are only 18 months. We get so tickled at Rory who will just start babbling all of the sudden (with a few words thrown in) just like she is really giving someone a chewing out. Both girls can pretty much tell us what they want and when they want it. They talk in phrases now. They will say things like "who there?" or "I want that." They pick up so many words each day that it is amazing!! Their pediatrician was amazed at their vocabulary when we went in for their 18 month check-up. She told us that they should not be talking like they are quite yet and that she is amazed by them every time that we come in to see her. Both girls run constantly and love to climb on EVERYTHING!! We call Abby our little spider monkey because that child can climb on things that she just shouldn't be able to climb on. Both girls are very oppinionated (wonder where they get that from). They both LOVE books. Oh mylanta!! They are constantly bringing books to us to read and can even tell us what some of the pages say from repetition. It's too funny!! Their favorite book (which we have all probably read 100 million times) is "Daddy Hugs." It tells all the different kinds of hugs that daddies give to their babies while also teaching counting. Rory loves to count as we turn the page and act out the type of hug on that page. It's too adorable!! Both girls can show us where their eyes, nose, mouth, ears and belly buttons are. They can also show each one of those places on other people and animals (we have practiced on their Great-Grandparents' puppy, Liddy). Both girls are fascinated with belly buttons right now. They call them "buttons." They love to explore everyone's belly button. They know animal sounds for puppies, kitties, ducks, birds, horses, lions, frogs and probably some other animals that I am forgetting. They absolutely love their "pishes" (fish) and tell us all about what the fish are up to every day. It's so much fun to watch!! Abby even named their red beta "bubbles." Every time she sees him, she points to him and says "bubbles!" Both girls know their letter sounds through the letter "g," which I think is a pretty amazing accomplishment (I may be bias). They can both count to 3 without any assistance at all!! Both of them can sing "This Little Light of Mine" and "Deep and Wide" while doing the motions. I could just go on and on about all of the fun things and new discoveries that we have each day at our house. It is so amazing to watch the girls learn and grow each day!! Michael and I are blessed beyond measure to have such amazing children and thank the Lord every day for the blessings that He has given to our family.

Fab Five "Family" Reunion 2009

The Whole Group
Merriss Family (Texas): John, Jennifer, Jonathan and Jacob
Hanna Family (Texas): Michael, Taira, Aurora and Abigail
Campbell Family (S. Carolina): Daniel, Marcia and Lizzie
Neie Family (Louisiana): Daniel, Nikki, Natalie and Ryan
Birkenfeld Family (Kansas): Kyle (not in the pic), Yesenia, Chevii and Linkin
(left to right)

The original "Fab Five": Nikki, Michael, Daniel, John and Yesenia

Rory having a blast at the reunion

All of the 1 yr. olds having a collective tantrum. They did not like being gated.

Look at all those kids

Ryan... What a sweet little boy!!

Hello Friends!! (Natalie and Jonathan)

There is just too much going on in this picture to explain... LOL

Jennifer and Jacob Merriss

I would call this one full house!!

Natalie pushing her brother, Ryan, in the swing!!

Lizzie playing in the playhouse

Swinging fun!! (Jonathan, Natalie and Ryan)

Abby loving her swing

Lizzie ridin' the horse Texas style!

Rory chillin' in the empty pool with Jacob

Jacob and Rory solving the world's problems

Aunt Marcia found out what happens when twins want the same thing.... chaos!!

Look how flexible Lizzie is. Oh to be that flexible!!

Three pretty little girls!!

Michael's best friends from high school, John, Daniel, Nikki and Yesenia, and their families all came to town for a reunion. I don't think that the five of them had been all together at one time since high school (I could be wrong, though). All in all, we had 9 adults and 9 children together for pretty much a week. Five of the children were 1 yr. - 1 1/2 yr. It was crazy!! It was so much fun to see everyone and get to meet some people that we had never met. Nikki and her family stayed with us at our home from Monday evening to Friday morning. The girls had a blast having company and loved their kiddos, Natalie and Ryan. Ryan is only about 3 weeks older than the girls, so they thought is was awesome to have another playmate for the week that was about their same age. On Wednesday morning, we all went together to have our pictures made at a studio here in town. It was insane, but the pictures turned out fabulous!! That evening, we all met at Yesenia's in-laws' house for a big reunion get-together. We are so glad that we got a chance to get together with everyone and are already missing our friends. We love them all like they are our family. Actually, we do consider them part of our family and can't wait to get together again soon!!