Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vacation Bible School 2010

The girls with Papa and Mimi Cinda after their program
The girls with Grandad and Mimi Sue after the program
Abby was sooo glad her Gigi got a chance to come to her program
Rory, Jon-Jon and Jakie playing after Parents' Night was over
Abby and Jon-Jon giving each other a hug.  
The Merriss Family
Rory leaping off the stage during their songs
Rory wasn't getting enough attention while she was on the stage with her class, so she jumped off the stage and stood in front of everyone.  She's not our little performer at all.... LOL
Braxton got a chance to come to VBS with us, too.  He had such a good time!!
Rory and Abby singing the "Bumble-Bee Song" with their VBS class
Rory and Abby during their music program

Last week, the girls attended Vacation Bible School at Lifeway Fellowship Baptist Church with their friends, Jonathan and Jacob Merriss.  They had a blast!!  The theme was the Saddle Ridge Ranch where they are "Roundin' up Questions and Drivin' Home Answers."  It was a very cute western theme and we got to listen to a lot of "yee-haw" at our house.  The girls even liked to show off their "Cowboy strut" around the house.  During the week, the kiddos learned different Bible stories that helped them to answer different questions about God's plan for their life.  The girls got a chance to participate in daily music time, as well.  At the end of the week, the VBS kids put on a program to show their parents what they had learned at VBS.  The girls' class sang "This Little Light of Mine" and the "Bumble-Bee Song."  Abby wasn't too sure about the whole idea of singing in front of a large group of adults, but Rory ate up the attention.  She was singing, doing the motions and, when she didn't feel like she had enough attention on herself, she jumped off the stage to stand in front of her entire class.  She had no problem with the attention (big surprise there).  It was a very cute program and all of the kids did a wonderful job!!  The girls had a blast at their first Vacation Bible School ever.  I know they will look forward to going again next summer!!

Summer Fun

Our puppy, Toby, watching the water fun far enough away that he won't get wet.  I think he was nervous about the possibility of ending up in the pool.  He didn't, though.

The girls have always enjoyed being in the water, but ever since they went swimming at my Aunt and Uncle's house in Arkansas, we can't keep them away from the water.  So, in an attempt to keep everything in our bathroom from being ruined by the huge amounts of water leaving the tub during splash fights, Michael and I bought the girls their own pool for our backyard.  It's not a huge pool (just one of those small snap-side pools), but the girls have a blast going "
schlimmin" (swimming).  I think they would sleep out there if we would let them.  They are constantly asking if we can go outside and play in the pool.  We have signed them up for swimming lessons next month and know that they are going to love it.  I'm scared not to get lessons for Rory, especially, since she has no fear of the water whatsoever.  She dives right in head first and has no problem going under the water and getting her face wet.  Abby is a little more cautious, but not much.  I think we have two little fish on our hands.  

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Trip

Rory and Abby breaking in the new hotel bed the first night we were in Plano.  No, they are not allowed to jump on the bed, but they were having so much fun and they had been bouncing off the walls in the hotel rooms, so we let them have at it.
The pajamas that Rory is wearing are some that Shandra had when she was little.  These are Rory's new favorite pajamas.  She calls them her pretty princess jammies.
I don't volunteer to sleep with Abby because she takes her half of the bed right out of the middle.  She does like her space when she sleeps. You wouldn't think such a small girl could take up so much of a bed.  LOL

We took a trip to Arkansas/the Dallas area over the past two weeks.  We were able to see family members that we haven't seen in a long time and to have some fun with our family and friends.  The reason for the stop in the Dallas area, though, was to take Abby to Children's Medical Center to have more tests run.  So far, we haven't gotten any of the results from those tests, but we are thankful that they are done and all we have to do now is wait.  We had such a nice time visiting with our family and having fun.  Even though we had a more serious purpose for our trip, our friends and family helped us turn it into a nice vacation that we were all able to enjoy a great deal!!!  All I can say to everyone is "thank you more than you know."

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cowboy Stadium

The Greatest Stadium in the World
Michael at the top of the stadium
The Ballpark at Arlington from the top of Cowboys Stadium
Felix Jones... Need I say more?
Helmets from the Cotton Bowl conference teams.  The Cotton Bowl was hosted at Cowboys Stadium this past season.   Michael was very excited to see Baylor's helmet at the top of the group.  :)
Daddy enjoying his executive suite tour
The giant screen from the executive suite.  They have a pretty nice view!!
The executive suite we got a chance to tour

Daddy and his little fans in the end zone
Mommy and her girls in the end zone!
Running for the end zone!!!!!!!!!!

Abby loved running up and down the field
Abby headed to tackle Daddy
Rory running a route... :)
Abby cheesin' for Mommy
Two big Dallas fans!!
Daddy and his girls on the field
Rory just taking it all in
Michael and the girls in the tunnel where the players come out onto the field

Michael at the Locker Room Star
Michael with Tony Romo's locker

Marion Barber is one of my very favorite players.  This was too cool!!

I was very excited to get to see Tony's locker
Rory, Abby and Tony's Locker
Michael as close as he will ever be to being on the team... LOL
The tunnel to the Miller Lite Club
The Miller Lite Club
Rory doing her touchdown dance
The 50 yard line

Michael catching a ball at the 30 yard line
Michael throwing an actual football at Cowboys Stadium
Just me and Tom
Michael with Tom
The dedication sign on Tom Landry's statue
Dallas Cowboy Stadium... Isn't it beautiful!!!??!!
Rory is worn out
Abby is so tired after her tour of the stadium
I just liked this "lovers lane" sign.  It made me laugh.

As many of you know, Michael and I are Dallas Cowboys fans through and through.  We have already started grooming our girls to be huge Dallas fans, as well.  We thought that since we were going to be in the area for a few days, we would take a day to tour the new Cowboys Stadium.  It was amazing!!!!  We took a VIP tour of the entire stadium.  Our tour included the executive suites, the press box, the Dallas Cowboys locker room, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader locker room, the field, the Miller Lite Club and the post-game interview area.  We got a chance to take pictures inside the locker room where our favorite players prepare for their games.  The girls loved going out onto the actual football field.  Rory had to run into the end zone to make a "touchdown!!"  When she threw her hands in the air and screamed "touchdown," everyone around us couldn't help but laugh. Both girls had so much fun running up and down (and across) the field "playing football."  It was amazing to get a chance to tour the stadium.  I hope we get a chance to go to a game in the new stadium before too long!!