Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Crazy Life

Abby cheesin' in her Tink towel
Rory getting warm after her swimming lesson
Rory and Abby got a chance to take their swimming lesson class with their cousin, Emma.  The three girls had such a good time swimming together.
Abby climbing out of the pool all by herself.  Note that her Daddy isn't too far behind her, though.
Big Abby Cheesy
That's one proud Daddy
I debated on whether or not to share this particular picture, but decided that it displays perfectly how Rory makes me feel around water.  LOL
Rory was so excited that her Grandad got a chance to come watch her swim.  She hasn't stopped talking about it yet. :)
Rory waving to her audience
Look at Abby swimming!!!
Daddy's ready for Rory to jump

The Hanna family waiting to get in the pool
Michael walking with Emma, Rory and Abby to the park.  What a great guy!!
After swimming lessons, we took the girls (all three) to the park so that they could have time to play together.  Each day, we had a picnic and then played until it was time to go home for naps.  We all had such a great time!!
Abby Hanna, Rory Hanna and Emma Hassell.... Cousins
Emma is one month older than the girls.  They love spending time together.
Abby riding the bumblebee
Rory riding a Toucan
Rory loved playing in the "FO" (UFO) at the park
One of our little monkeys
Sister Fun

Wow, I can't believe that it's been a month since my last post. Life has gotten so crazy around the Hanna house that I don't know where to begin.

The girls are doing wonderful. We took Abby in last week for a weight check and found out that she has gained almost 1 1/2 lb. in four weeks!! She now weighs 24.6 lbs!! We are so excited that she is doing better. The doctors have concluded that she has obstructive sleep apnea. Her adenoids are larger than normal and cause her trouble breathing when she is sleeping. Because she has trouble breathing, her body wakes her up so that she gets enough air. So, she hasn't been getting the proper amount of sleep and that has messed up the chemistry of her entire little body. Her pediatrician put her on a medication to help shrink her adenoids at night and it has worked wonders for her!! She is sleeping. She is eating better. She is gaining weight. She hasn't been sick. Her vocabulary has exploded. She is coming out of her shell. She's just a whole new Abby!! We can tell that she is feeling 100% better!! What a blessing!! Rory is doing well, as usual. She is a mess. We never quite know what she is going to do or say. She is a very impulsive child with so many ideas running through her head all at the same time. She keeps us on our toes.

For the past week, the girls have been attending swimming lessons at the local university. They have had a blast getting to go swimming every day. The class is intended to teach the kiddos (ages 6 months to 3 years) basic water safety and basic swimming techniques. The girls both quickly mastered getting in and out of the pool and were ready to move on to the task of learning to swim. Rory has picked up the basics so fast. Abby has discovered that she loves putting her face in the water. LOL. Many times, the instructors have just shaken their heads because they don't know exactly what to do with the girls. They are both ready to go every day. I think this was the perfect class for them. I know that they are both going to miss it, but it's been a good week. As a fun end to the swimming lessons, the swim instructors turned on the 20 ft. tall water slide today so that the kids (along with their parents) could try out the slide.  The girls loved going down the slide!!  Michael and I are so glad that the girls have picked up on the water safety aspect of the class so quickly. We want to ensure that the girls are as safe as possible around water and this is the best way we could do that.

Michael and I decided that it was about time to really hit the potty training hard at our house. Frankly, we're tired of changing diapers. It does get pretty old after a while. Especially with two. With all of Abby's health issues, we have been lax about potty training. Since Abby is doing so much better and Michael is still off for the summer, we decided that now would be the perfect time to really get serious about potty training. The girls have shown every sign of being ready, so, about a week ago, we got out the "big girl" panties and started training. We have been amazed at how fast they are picking it up. We have actually had a few days that were accident free!! Of course, we are not having them sleep in panties yet, but there have been mornings that they have woken up dry. We are so proud of the progress that both girls are making!! It won't be long until the Hanna house is a diaper free zone!!