Friday, August 20, 2010

Exciting News

Well, things have gotten very exciting in the Hanna household over the past couple of weeks. About two weeks ago, Michael and I found out that we expecting baby number three!! My official due date (as of right now) is April 18, 2011. Of course, we all know that the baby will come when he/she is good and ready. LOL. There is no way that we could be more excited!! We have tried to explain to the girls that in a few months they will both be big sisters. Rory has decided that she wants a sister. Abby has decided that there is no need for another sister since "I alweddy got a siser!" I don't know if that means she wants a brother or if she thinks we have plenty of kids around here already. There's just no telling with that little girl!! :)

The girls are both doing fabulous!! Abby hasn't had any health problems at all here lately. I think that we finally found the solution and that the sleep apnea medication is helping her more and more every day. We will go in for a weight check next week to check her out and see how she is doing. Rory is just going as strong as ever. There are days that I just stand in awe at how she can just keep going and going without stopping. She's a busy little girl. Both girls are learning more and more everyday. Sometimes, they shock me with the things that they have learned and understand. They can both count to ten by themselves. Yesterday, Rory counted to twelve and then laughed at me when my mouth was just hanging open. They can also count to 100 by tens. They can both sing their ABC's and looooove to read books with Mommy and Daddy. I bet we read 50 books a day!! Abby's favorite book in the whole world right now is "I Love You Stinky Face." We have read it so much that she can recite every word on each page and then turn the page at the right point. I know that she's reciting the story, but it's almost like she's reading it. LOL. On August 30, the girls will both start gymnastics. They are so excited!! Both girls are little monkeys and climb all over the place. I think they are going to do fantastic in gymnastics. I just can't believe that they are old enough to be in a class. Where does the time go?