Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Little Stars

I got a very interesting phone call today. My mother-in-law went to the photography studio where we had the girls' pictures made to put her order in for their pictures. The woman there asked her to sign a release form. She immediately called me (which I very much appreciated). The photography studio wanted to know if they could use our daughters' pictures for their advertising. The woman told me that their picture could appear in their stores, tv commercials, print advertisements ... etc. The boss was impressed with the pictures and our adorable little girls and decided to get permission from us to use their photos. When I asked if I could see the ads, the woman assured me that I would be "seeing them doubt." Michael and I know that our little girls are pretty, but we never imagined this would happen.

Monday, June 16, 2008

New Adventures

Cousin Braxton posing for the camera. He's getting to be such a big boy!!
The girls in their "Daddy Rocks" and "Mommy Rocks" bibs. We're big fans of these particular bibs.
It's so tiring playing and being cute all day. They fell asleep in Gigi's big chair.
Momma feeding Aurora cereal. She's not really sure how she feels about it.
Aurora in her exersaucer that Grandad and Mimi Sue gave to the girls. She loves to make the animals make noises and push all of the bright buttons!!
Abigail loves to play with her little gym. Kicking the ball is her favorite game. She's going to be our little soccer player!!

Abigail enjoys her cereal A LOT!!
When it's food time at the Hanna house, we don't mess around!! Momma feeds both the girls their cereal at the same time!!

Aurora ready for swimming lessons!! She'll have to wait until next summer, though.
The high chair trays are still a little tall for us, so we have to eat without them. Abigail is ready for her cereal, though!!

Abigail looking at her new suit. She loves to look at it and love on it!!
Abigail showing off her new bathing suit

Aurora showing off her new bathing suit!! She's all smiles!!Shelby, Jared, Abigail and Aurora (the Carter family twins)

Abigail and Aurora in their pretty new bathing suits. They're ready to be beach babes!!
Asleep in their bed wearing the pajamas that Grandad and Mimi Sue gave them.

This is a very exciting time in the life of the Hanna family. Aurora and Abigail are beginning to do so many new things and enjoy so many new experiences that every day is an adventure for us. Luckily, Michael is off for the summer (since he's a teacher) and he is at home to see all of their new adventures!! He's enjoyed being home and the girls love having their Daddy here all day every day. It's going to be tough when he has to go back to school. Their doctor told us at their four month check-up to begin introducing cereal to them three times a day. Both have taken very well to it... especially little Abby. Both girls will eat the cereal just fine, but Abby can't get enough of it!! I think that she prefers the cereal to her bottle. She sits in her high-chair and kicks her feet in excitement when it is cereal time. She also licks the spoon clean when we are finished. It's too funny. Aurora is interested in the mushy stuff and likes to put her hands in her mouth to feel the cereal. It's always an adventure at feeding time. The girls got their first bathing suits a few days ago. Daddy didn't want them to have bikinis, but it was what we could find in their size (and mommy really wanted bikinis to show off their little bellies). Both look so adorable in their suits. Aurora loves to pose and smile in her's. Abigail is facinated with the blue floral pattern on her suit. She will bend over and pull it up to her face and love on it. They both love bathtime so much and we think they will love getting into the little baby pool that we bought for them. Another fun thing that the girls have been up to here lately is watching their new Baby Einstein DVDs that their Daddy bought for them. We have been looking for them for a while and Michael found all of them, so he bought them for the girls. They have the whole Baby Einstein collection and they love them!! We usually try to let them watch one 30 minute video before naptime or bedtime (just one a day). They will sit for the entire time and stare at the screen. They are both facinated by the songs and puppets. They will both jabber back at the TV. It's fun to watch and it gives Mommy and Daddy a little down-time as well. This last weekend, the girls went to my family reunion on my Dad's side of the family. They got a chance to meet a whole lot of new people, including Jared and Shelby, who are also a set of twins. The girls were the highlight of the day!! It was an exciting day for them. I wish that I could tell you everything that they are doing. Every single day is such a new adventure. Both girls are growing so fast. It's exciting and scary all at the same time!! They jabber and coo all the time. They are fascinated by every new thing that they see. Both love to try to taste every single thing that they can get their hands on. They are trying to sit up and they mimic everything that we do. We are having so much fun this summer with them!! I'm so glad that their Daddy is home to get to see and experience each new day!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Family Pictures

Two perfect little ladies sitting very pretty in their gorgeous dresses!!

Aren't they beautiful!?!? Aurora is always smiling and Abigail is usually serious. This picture captures it all!!

Look how good they can hold their heads up. Abby isn't too sure about this whole picture idea. Aurora is trying to look under the camera at the photographer (she's very curious)!! In a couple of months, they will be crawling right off that blanket!!

Two precious angels!!

This is the perfect picture of snuggling sisters!! It just doesn't get any better than this!! I love it!!

The Hanna Family

Mommy and Daddy with their two perfect little angels!!

These are the pictures that we had made a few weeks ago. We had the girls' 3 month photos and our first family pictures done. We had a great time and got some absolutely adorable pictures!! Of course, the photographer had the most beautiful girls ever to photograph (I'm a very proud momma)!! The girls will have their 6 month, 9 month and 1 year pictures taken at the same place (hopefully by the same photographer). We are so pleased at how well everything turned out. Of course, it was tough to pick just a few pictures, but we finally managed.

Friday, June 6, 2008

4 Month Update

The girls had their 4 month check-up and vaccinations yesterday. We were shocked to find out how much each of the girls have grown!! Aurora now weighs 13 lbs. 3 oz. and is 24 1/2 inches long. Abigail now weighs 11 lbs. 13 oz. and is 23 1/4 inches long. Both girls are holding their heads up by themselves, rolling over, starting to teeth, reaching for toys and starting to practice sitting up (with help from mom and dad, of course). The doctor said that both look to be in very good health and developing wonderfully (maybe even a little ahead of the norm.)!! She did say that it will probably be a little while before we actually see their little teeth come all the way through. They're working on it, but apparently it takes a while. Abigail is still having some problems with her allergies. The doctor checked her out and said that she basically has a RID (respiratory inflammatory disorder). Basically, she has asthma, but they don't call it that until they are a little older. It's really not a big surprise given that Michael and I both have asthma. The doctor has started her on some daily breathing treatments and an oral steroid (for just a few days). Apparently, it is triggered by allergens in the air and strong smells (perfume, smoke, fumes of any kind... etc.). The doctor told us that this is actually very common in little ones and she may even grow out of it before she gets too old. We are so thankful that we are able to get this treated for her and under control. We will take Abby back in a month to check the progress of the medication. The doctor also gave us the go-ahead to start feeding the girls cereal and, eventually, other foods. I can't believe that they are old enough to start eating foods. We started trying to give them cereal last night. Neither one was very sure about it, though. They would take a bite and roll it around in their mouth for a minute and then some of it would actually be swallowed. They have both been very interested in what mommy and daddy have been eating for a while, so I don't think that it will take them long to catch on. Overall, both girls are in wonderful condition and growing as they should. We were very pleased with the report!!