Thursday, July 24, 2008

They're Getting too Big

Aurora likes to try and feed herself. This is the result. Green beans everywhere!!
Abigail playing with her toys. She loves to make them swing and play!!
Aurora playing in the exersaucer. She's figured out how to make all the toys work!! What a brilliant little girl!!
The first night in their own room. They are sleeping so good!!
Abigail in her pretty dress for church. Doesn't she look adorable!! Yes, Mommy made her wear the hat. :)
Concentrating on getting that shoe off.
Aurora dressed for Sunday morning.
She wants those shoes off as bad as sister does.

As we approach the six month mark, Michael and I decided that it was time for the girls to try out sleeping in their own room. After my wonderful husband spent a couple of hours making sure that all was ready, the girls officially moved to their own room last night. They did wonderful!! They both slept for 8 hours with no crying at all. Mom, on the other hand, didn't do as well. I sat up until about 5:30 am. I also went back and forth from our bedroom to the nursery about every 10 minutes. I only cried for about 30 minutes, though. Yeah for me. My husband is so wonderful and patient with me!! I can't believe that the girls are old enough to be sleeping in their own bedroom. It just shocks me that almost six months have already come and gone so quickly.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun times and Fun Pics

Mommy and Abby headed out for our evening walk. The girls love to discover the outside world!!
Rory playing with the little floor gym. She can finally reach all the toys!!
Daddy with his sleeping angels
Abby fell asleep against Daddy's face. How sweet is that!?!?
Rory riding her pony. Poppy would be proud!!
Daddy and Rory headed for our evening walk. Fun family time!!

Abigail playing in the exersaucer!! She loves the lights and sounds!!
Aurora found her a rattle to play with. Of course, it goes straight to her mouth.
Twin Tummy Time
Rory loves her Daddy!!

Abby snuggling with Mr. Bear
Hey sis, let's hold hands!!
Abby loves to suck on her thumb

Abby with Great-Aunt Janet
Rory sitting with Great-Grandma Hanna
Great-Grandma Hanna and Rory

Abigail, Emma and Aurora
Grandma Hanna with her three newest great-grandgirls
Abby is not a happy girl in this picture

These are some more recent pictures of Aurora and Abigail. They are both doing great!! They have gotten an chance to meet some new people here lately from Michael's side of the family. Emma, the girls' second cousin, is almost exactly one month older than they are. She first visited them when she was 6 weeks old and the girls were only about 2 weeks old. They were all way too young to even realize that there were other babies around. This last week, however, they all three got to get together and play. What a fun time!! Aurora and Emma kept touching each other and trying to kiss on each other. They were too cute!! Abigail wasn't sure what to think about yet another baby being around and was a little shy. It was so much fun to see Emma, though!! I think the girls will all three have so much fun growing up together and playing!! Today, the girls also got to meet their Great-Aunt Janet, Emma's grandmother. It was so good to see her and get a chance to introduce her to Abby and Rory. Both took very well to her and enjoyed rocking in her lap. She definitely has the "grandma touch." The girls always love to see their Great-Grandma Hanna. Abby especially likes to cuddle in her arms and sleep (which she won't do for just anyone). Rory likes to laugh with Grandma Hanna. They have such a good time with her!!
The girls are getting so big. I just can't believe how much they seem to grow every day. Rory is doing so good on her sitting up by herself. She can now sit and pick up toys with one hand!! Abby is still working on getting the sitting up thing down really good. Her little bottom seems to be a little round right now. She can sit for a few seconds and then she topples over. She can, though, sit up with just a little bit of help just fine. She's almost there. The girls are both trying to get teeth in. We thought about a month ago that we knew what teething was all about, but we were wrong. I have never seen so much drool in one place in my entire life. Abby and Rory have got to have set some kind of world record for drooling or something. It's impressive!! They chew on everything... which is even more interesting now that both of them have found some mobility. Their poor little gums are so swollen. I just wish their teeth would come in so that they wouldn't have to be in pain anymore. Both girls are eating very well. They have now tried squash, peas and carrots. Little Abby would keep eating and eating if we didn't stop her. They get excited when Mommy and Daddy put their bibs on them because they know that it's time for solid food. They will even grab their bibs and hold them up so that we are sure to see them better just to remind us that it is time for solid food. Rory likes to roll everywhere. I'm not even sure why we bother with a blanket anymore because she is off of it in about 2 seconds. Abby likes to scoot across the floor. She digs her toes into the blanket or carpet and pushes with her legs. She gets some pretty impressive distance that way. I see crawling on the horizon and it scares me to death!! Michael and I have already started scoping out the house to start baby proofing. It may seem like it's a little early for that, but we want to be prepared. That's on the top of Michael's list of things to get done before he goes back to work. Thank goodness!! I think that is a pretty good run-down of most of the big things that are going on right now. There's no way that I could list everything. Each day is such a new and exciting time filled with new and exciting discoveries!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

5 months and Going Strong

Mommy and Rory watching fireworks with Braxton
Rory is so worn out from her exciting 4th of July
Abby is facinated with the fireworks
Abby and Rory chillin' in their pool
Mimi Cinda and all her grandbabies
Rory and Daddy ready for Fireworks... Happy 4th

Braxton trying out his Kung-Fu Panda moves in the pool.
Rory's not quite sure about this whole swimming idea.
Abby thinks the water is a little chilly.

Rory enjoyed her lunch!!
What? Do I have something on my face? (Abby)
Rory sitting up by herself!! What a big girl!!

This weekend, we had so much fun with the girls. It was their first 4th of July and it couldn't have been any better (except for if we could have seen more of our friends and family)!! The girls had such a big day. We spent the day with Mimi Cinda, Papa, Aunt Shandra and Braxton. Abby and Rory got to swim, play with their cousin and see their first fireworks. They did so well during the fireworks. Abby was completely and totally enthralled with the lights. She sat on her daddy's lap the whole time with her eyes fixed on the sky without moving. Rory was impressed with the lights for a while, but the exciting day caught up to her and she napped through the second half of the fireworks show. Neither were scared of the loud noises or fussed at all. What good girls!!
The girls turned 5 months old on Saturday, July 5th. It's so hard to believe how big they are getting and how much they are doing. Rory has started sitting up by herself!! She does really good until she starts laughing or realizes that she is doing it on her own. Then, she has a tendency to wobble and usually ends up toppling over. We are so proud of how well she is doing, though!! Abby is working on sitting up by herself. She can manage for a couple of seconds, but is usually looking for someone to pick her up and topples over. She's almost there, though. Both girls have started putting vowels and consonants together. Abby says "mamamamam" when she is upset. Rory calls everything "da" or "adda." She also says what sounds very much like "hey" when she wants someone's attention. I talked to their doctor about them starting to talk so early and she said that it wouldn't surprise her because they seem to be ahead of the curve on just about everything!! We have started feeding the girls actual baby food. They LOVE it!! When we put their bibs on and put them in their highchairs, they start to get so excited because they know that it's food time. So far, we have only tried squash, but the girls seem to be ok with that. Tomorrow we will move on to the next new food.