Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Me with my two perfect angels!! What more could a Mommy ask for?
My birthday cookie!!

Abby, Braxton and Rory ready to face the cold to take me out to dinner!! What little troopers!!

Abby's not too sure about this big heavy coat idea

Snow-Bunny Rory

Ready for winter

I just wanted to say a quick "thanks" to everyone who helped make my birthday so special yesterday!! It was such a wonderful day!! My awesome husband arranged an afternoon outing (he took off of work and everything) and took me to see the new James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace." It was fantastic!! I'm a big James Bond (and Daniel Craig) fan and was so excited when I found out that the newest James Bond movie was going to open on my birthday!! My husband and his friend, John, introduced me to the wonderful world of James Bond last year and now I am a fan for life!! We had such a good time at the movie. It was nice to get away from everything for just a little while and just enjoy a nice movie!! After the movie, my family took me out to eat and threw me a nice birthday party!! My girls even bought me the newest book in the series that I have been reading (with some help from Daddy of course)!! I had so many well-wishers and such a wonderful day!! I couldn't have asked for a better day!! It's so hard to believe that I'm 26 years old now. It doesn't seem possible. I remember when anyone over 20 was old and anyone over 25 was ancient! It's amazing how your perspective can change so quickly. I wouldn't change a thing, though. I have a wonderful family, an amazing husband and two absolutely beautiful baby girls!! What more could I have ever asked for?!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday Fun!!

"You Lookin' at Me?"
Braxton, Abby and Rory. Micheal called this "The Evolution of Carters."

This is my Heaven!!!

Mimi Cinda reading Daddy's card with Abby

Make a wish!!

Michael turned 29!! Look at the funny looking cake his wife made him :)

I just couldn't resist!!

Abby and Rory playing together in the outfits that Uncle Ed and Aunt Kay sent them right after they were born!!! They finally fit and are too adorable!!

"But Mom, we don't need a nap... honest."

The only problem with the strollers is that sometimes one girl will get on one side and the other will get on the other side and they will push in opposite directions. Not much progress is made when this happens.

I don't think that Abby was ready for paparazzi after her bath

Rory loves everything about bath time... even the fun time after baths

Rory in her new big-girl car seat

Abby fell asleep in her new car seat on the way home from church. It's really hard to wake up.

Abby fell asleep and pulled her hat down over her eyes to keep the sun out.

Abby sportin' her Jackie O' outfit for church!!

Michael's 29th birthday was this last Monday (Nov. 10), but since there was a nasty stomach bug tearing its way through our family, his birthday party had to be postponed until tonight. We had such a good time despite the delay! I made Michael his birthday cake (because he specifically told me that he wanted a homemade cake and not a bought cake) and my dad and I made homemade chicken and dumpling soup. We figured that due to the fact that 7 of the 8 people present had been getting sick for the last 3 days that chicken soup would be our best bet. Michael has been promised a homemade Chinese dinner from his wife and he will eventually get it... probably. :) The girls and Braxton had so much fun at the party. It's always good to be around family!
The girls are growing more and more each day. Every single day, Michael and I are floored at what new things they are learning and discovering!! Rory has started saying "my daddy" to Michael. She thinks it's so funny when I say "no, my daddy." She then replies "my daddy." It's become a game, but she's learning all the same. She also says "this" when she wants something. I always catch myself asking the girls, "Do you want this?" I guess that is where she picked it up. I'm not really sure. She will even crawl over to Abby and say "this" while pointing at her sister. It's so funny! We try to explain that Abby is not a "this" but instead a "sister." I think that it's an abstract concept that may take a while for her to understand. Abby has started saying "mimi" (much to my mother's excitement). She hasn't had a chance to say it to her Mimi Sue yet, but I'm sure that she will be excited as well!! The girls call their grandmothers "Mimi Cinda" and "Mimi Sue," but I think that Mimi will have to suffice for now. Both girls are doing so well with their walking. They can both pull up with no problem on just about anything that they can get close to. They will try to let go, but still don't quite have the balance to stand alone yet (but they will get there). They can walk back and forth while holding on, though. If they can hold on, there is no stopping them. They LOVE their push toy strollers that they can walk behind. The strollers give them the freedom to wander the house more freely while still practicing their walking. They have also started to figure out how to tag-team Mommy. One will start crying and I will go to see what is wrong and the other will take off. It's constant movement in our house now. The other day, Rory wanted a toy that was on top of Braxton's desk at my grandmother's house. Abby laid on the floor in front of the desk and Rory tried to step onto her back to reach the toy. We were all floored. Should they be able to problem solve that well at this age? We're in so much trouble! Rory and Abby have also been recently cleared to try all sorts of new "big people" food. They love to eat cheese, crackers, gold-fish crackers and yogurt. We are trying to move them away from the bottle at every feeding to just a bottle in the morning and one at night before bed. It's going to take some time, but we are working at it. It's amazing how fast everything is changing!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

9 Months... Where has the time gone?

Abby getting ready to head to church in her pretty dress that Granny, Aunt Jana and Aunt Rhonda gave her.
Look at the girls go with their new push-toy strollers that their Great-Great Aunt Ann bought them during her visit. They are everywhere now!!

Off they go!!

Rory's such a big girl walking all by herself behind her stroller!! Normally her dolly is along for the ride, but no dolly today.

Rory has some problems getting awake in the morning. She fell back asleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed. I think she must be related to her Mommy!! :)

"It's too early people!!"

Rory ready to head to church in her pretty dress from Granny, Aunt Rhonda and Aunt Jana!!

"It's time to go Mom! We don't want to miss Sunday School!!"

"Is is nap time yet?"

Rory and Abby turned 9 months old today!! Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that we were preparing for their arrival and then bringing our two tiny blessings home from the hospital. They are anything but little now. They are both growing and doing so much. I tear up (out of pride and wondering where the months have gone) every time I think about how big they are getting. We went to their 9 month check-up today and got a completely clean bill of health for both girls. Thank You Lord!! Aurora now weighs 19 lbs. 4.6 oz and is 27 3/4 inches tall. She is going to be a tall girl... there's just no way to get around that fact. The doctor laughed when she said that most babies slow down on gaining weight and height after 6 months, but Rory is charging ahead on both (which is such a good thing)! Abigail now weighs 15 lbs. 9.6 oz and is 26 1/4 inches tall. Another tall little girl!! I think that I'm going to end up being the short one in the family!! Both girls definitely got their height from their Daddy. Developmentally, both girls are way ahead of the game. Their doctor was so shocked when she found out everything that they are already doing. Both are talking pretty plainly. Rory can say 8 different words... "mama," "dada," "bye-bye," "hi," "papa," "bubba," "uh-oh," and "hey." Abby can say 5 different words... "mama," "dada," "bye-bye," "uh-oh" and "hey." They are both clapping and playing patty-cake. They are both pulling up on EVERYTHING and walk along holding onto things. Rory waves "bye-bye" to everyone. They are feeding themselves solid foods. They can drink from a sippy cup. Abby loves to dance while she is standing up. She will shake her little baby-booty anytime any music comes on. It just amazes Michael and I all the new things that they are learning and doing. Their doctor did say that she wants us to start giving Abby more calories each day to try and get some more weight on her. She's not concerned that she's too small at this point, but she would like to see her gain some weight. So, she cleared the girls to both start having some dairy products. They tried cheese for the first time today and were both a little leery of the new substance. It was funny!! Overall, we had a wonderful check-up!! The girls' next visit will be for their 1 yr. check-up. Oh mylanta!! I just can't believe how big they are getting!!