Friday, May 29, 2009

Braxton's Gymnastics Ceremony

Braxton headed up the slide

Rory and Abby jumping on the trampoline

Mimi Cinda holding on to Abby as she jumps on the trampoline

Braxton going down the huge slide on the other side of the climbing wall

Rory had no problem tackling the climbing wall. She makes me nervous.

Braxton receiving his special accomplishment ribbon

Braxton with is gymnastics teachers

Braxton showing off his blue ribbon

What a special little boy!!

Today, Braxton completed his first year in his gymnastics program!! We are all so proud of him!! The gymnastics school had a really nice ceremony for all of the kids that completed this year. His teachers had such nice things to say about him and all that he has accomplished. On the back of his special blue ribbon is listed all of the accomplishments that he has made since he began his gymnastics. He has mastered most of the techniques that they have practiced in class. Mondays are so special for him because he gets to go to class. It has been so good for him!! Before the ceremony began, the teachers let all of the kids that came today have free play time on all of the fun equipment. Rory and Abby decided that they both really like the trampoline (no big surprise there). Rory also tackled the climbing wall. She was able to get pretty high on the wall before Mommy and Aunt Shandra chickened out and made her get down. I think that we are going to have to enroll two little girls in gymnastics before too long! It was a really nice experience to see Braxton honored for all of his accomplishments today!! I can't tell you how proud we are for and of him!!

Special Surprise for Memorial Day

The first rose to bloom
The second rose to bloom

A beautiful symbol of Daddy's love for his girls

Daddy and his angels

Mommy blowing bubbles for Rory to catch. So much fun!!

What a beautiful girl Rory is!!

Rory's ready with her bubble poppin' finger

Braxton blowing bubbles for Rory to catch

Rory checking out where the bubbles went

Look at that face... Too cute!!

Our Beautiful Abby

What a pretty little girl!!

"Oh, Papa, I need that marble!!" ~Rory

Sisters sharing breakfast (this happens every morning). I've given up trying to keep Rory off of the table. They will eat every other meal in their chairs, but not breakfast. They are picky!! :)

Daddy showing Rory the beautiful orange Oriental Lillies in our garden

Abby sharing special time with Daddy in the garden

Rory has discovered belly-buttons and she has to check out everyone's. It bothers her that sisters is different from everyone else's (Abby has an outie). She checks our belly buttons on a daily basis. :)

We got a wonderful surprise for Memorial Day this year. Last year, as soon as was possible after the girls were born, Michael decided that he wanted to plant a special rose bush for his daughters. I thought that it was so sweet that he wanted to do something special for them right after they were born. And, he did it himself with no help from me. Well, he was really disappointed because the roses on the rose bush he planted didn't bloom last summer. We worried throughout the winter that maybe the rose bush hadn't taken properly and wouldn't live. On Memorial Day, however, the rose bush bloomed with two beautiful red blossoms. Michael was so excited that the first bloom produced two blossoms that opened on the same day only a few hours apart from one another. What a beautiful symbol of our girls and the love that their Daddy has for them!! If we sell our house, we have it stated in our contract already that the rose bush goes with us. We couldn't stand to leave something so special behind.

We spent Memorial Day this year with my parents, sister, grandmother and Braxton. It was a good day. Abby wasn't feeling really well for part of the day, so she didn't get a chance to play as much as the other two kiddos, but I think she had a good day cuddling with Mommy and Mimi Cinda for the majority of the day. Braxton was so excited because he got a chance to teach Rory (and Abby later on) all about bubbles! Rory was fascinated with the bubbles that Braxton blew for her. The two of them played together in Gigi's backyard for a good portion of the afternoon. Braxton would blow bubbles for Rory and they would both race to pop the bubbles. Abby even got in on the fun for a little while. It was so much fun for them!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun with the Family

Rory riding her horse
Sweet potatoes and mac & cheese turns Rory's face orange

"That sure was a good meal, Mom!" ~Abby

Abby's our trick rider

The kiddos playing in the girls' playhouse

Braxton was "cooking" dinner for the girls in the playhouse

Family Fun!!

Mimi Cinda giving Rory way more cheesecake than she needs

Sunday evening, Michael and I invited Mom, Dad, Grandma Jeanie, Braxton and Shandra to our house for a backyard picnic. It's been way too long since we have had them all over to our house and so we decided that it was time. We picked a beautiful evening to have everyone over. The weather was perfect for outdoor fun! Rory, Abby and Braxton had a blast running all over the backyard, playing ball, playing in the girls' playhouse, playing chase and stuffing themselves with good food! By the time that the evening was over, the kids were all so exhausted that I didn't know whether or not the three of them were going to make it through their baths before falling asleep. It was so good to not worry about anything for a while and just have a good meal and good fun with our family! Hopefully, we will get a chance to do it again soon!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shandra's Graduation

Before the graduation, we went to Ruby Tequilla's to eat and the three kiddos rode on the donkey out front together. They had a good time!!
Abby watching the crowd around us. She didn't really like so many strangers so close (I don't blame her).
Rory giving Mimi Cinda kisses. She showered everyone with kisses throughout the graduation!!

Here come the graduates
Braxton waiting to see his Mommy graduate

Braxton's "sad" face. He wanted to make sure I got a picture.

Shandra is officially graduated!!

Shandra and her diploma. Yeah Shannie!!

Braxton is so proud of his Mommy

Shandra with her nieces. Rory was very interested in getting a hold of the tassle.

The graduate and her proud parents

Shandra's Congratulations Roses

She did it all for the cake!!!

Last night, we attended Shandra's Amarillo College graduation. She has completed her Associate's degree in General Studies with the intentions of applying and attending the Texas Tech School of Physical Therepy. We are all so proud of her accomplishment!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Climbing Higher and Higher

"Can I help you?" ~Abby
Jumping on the couch. I think we need to get a trampoline.

"I'm being good Mom." ~Abby

"See mom, no danger at all!" ~Rory

Abby watching her sister climb

"Mooooom. I don't want to get down!" ~Rory

Here a few pictures that I took of the girls today as they climbed on everything in the house. I pulled one of our ottomans over in front of the front door today because Rory continuously shut Abby in between the wood door and the glass door as they waited for Daddy to come home from work. Rory decided that she could see out of the front door better if she climbed on the barrier. The girls also had fun jumping on the couch (which they are not allowed to do... just by the way). It's amazing the things that they can climb on now!! I remember the first time that Rory climbed on the couch by herself and we were so proud of her, jumped up and down with her and praised her. We did the same with Abby when she climbed in one of our chairs for the first time by herself. What were we thinking?!?!