Monday, July 18, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Rory and Abby are taking swimming lessons again this summer. They are having a blast!! This week will be their final week of the four weeks that they have been in lessons. It's amazing how much they have learned this summer. They took a class last summer where they learned basic water safety. This summer, though, they are actually learning to swim! Both girls graduated from the first level after the second week in lessons and are now in the second level class. They have learned to hold their breath for 15 seconds, bob up and down under the water 10 consecutive times, how to float, how to do a basic dive, how to do basic swimming techniques, how to enter the water, how to submerge completely in the water, how to open their eyes under water and how to do a sitting dive from the side of the pool. Michael and I are so proud of their progress!

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