Monday, July 18, 2011

30th Anniversary Party

The beautiful cake
Mimi and Maddy
Braxton and his Momma
Lesa and Shandra
Gary and Connie Beauchamp
Mimi and Braxton
Aunt Ann and Grandma Jeanie
Lesa is Maddy's best friend at this point in the evening.. LOL
Sweet sleeping angel
The kids loooooved all the balloons
My wonderful and handsome hubby
My grandmother and her sisters, Ann and Montie

My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this year. What an accomplishment!! We decided to through them a special surprise party with their friends and family. It was a fun filled evening with good food, friends and family. I am so happy for my parents and we all wish them many, many more years of happiness!!

Swimming Lessons

Rory and Abby are taking swimming lessons again this summer. They are having a blast!! This week will be their final week of the four weeks that they have been in lessons. It's amazing how much they have learned this summer. They took a class last summer where they learned basic water safety. This summer, though, they are actually learning to swim! Both girls graduated from the first level after the second week in lessons and are now in the second level class. They have learned to hold their breath for 15 seconds, bob up and down under the water 10 consecutive times, how to float, how to do a basic dive, how to do basic swimming techniques, how to enter the water, how to submerge completely in the water, how to open their eyes under water and how to do a sitting dive from the side of the pool. Michael and I are so proud of their progress!

Colorado 2011

Mimi and Papa with all their grandkids
Michael and all the kiddos
Daddy with his girls
Daddy and Maddy
Maddy and Papa are pretty good pals. Maddy lights up whenever she sees her Papa. Talk about making his day!!
Love this outfit!!
There was a hail storm while we were there. There was so much hail that it looked like snow. A family down the mountain even built a snowman. LOL The kids had such a great time playing in the hail.

We came upon a huge herd of elk numbering somewhere around 300-350 animals. This is just part of the herd that we saw. It was amazing!!
Maddy in her sweet coveralls
Mimi and Maddy enjoying the nice evening together
Rory loves to hold her baby sister
The girls enjoying the afternoon outside
My big girls :)
Abby on one of her daily adventures with Daddy
Rory by the pond that she hiked to with Daddy and Abby
Sweet Adventurers
Rory and Daddy sitting with Maddy on the deck enjoying the morning sun
Maddy taking a bath in the sink. She was not a happy camper with Mommy.
Abby playing with Rory on the stairs
Rory pretending to be Rapunzel
Sweet sister snuggles
Daddy and Maddy in the morning sun
Silly Abby
Sweet Rory smiles
I just love her smiles
Abby watching her dvd player
We go to the mountains to enjoy the outdoors and our girls watch their dvd players. LOL
Rory playing a competitive game of slap-jack

We decided to take our annual family trip to our family cabin in Colorado. As usual, it was a wonderful trip. We were a little worried how our little Maddy would make the trip, but she did great. She slept most of the way up there and back. The girls, all three, loved exploring the cabin and the surrounding mountain. Each day, Michael took the girls (and Braxton after he arrived) on an "adventure." They would go exploring to see what they see what they could find. They also hiked to the local ponds/lakes to toss rocks in the water. They even found several snakes. YIKES!! Madelynne enjoyed sitting on the deck and watching the birds and squirrels. She also loved when the wind would blow through the trees. She would laugh and giggle. It was a lot of fun watching her experience the simplest things for the very first time. It was so nice to get away for a while. Not to mention, we didn't miss the heat either. :) We look forward to spending many more summer vacations in Colorado!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Girls' Day Out

Before we left for our Colorado vacation, Rory, Abby and Mommy decided we needed a Girls' Day Out. Daddy took Braxton to see the new Transformers movie, so the girls did something special, too! We went to La Belle salon and had manicures and pedicures done!! It was a blast!! I've been waiting for the time when I could share this with my girls and it was as fun as I thought it would be. Rory ended up with bright orange nails with flowers. Abby ended up with neon green zebra striped nails. And, Mommy got bright pink nails! It was so much fun!! I can't wait to go again with the girls!!